French is too important to be National Identity

The French Government has formally open a national dialogue on France cultural identity, in hope of higher shaping what it means that to be French. whereas most Pundits and sixty four of the population realize it may be a political stunt to garner votes removed from the anti-immigration reactionist National Front party of Jean-Marie Lepen throughout March 2010 regional elections developing. Critics warned that it’s a dangerous issue to try to as a result of can bring a climate of social phobia and single out non-white French. French President Nicolas Sarkozy defends the National dialogue, and contends that “Debating the national identity isn’t dangerous, it is necessary.” hr of French agree that it’s necessary; however I doubt they agree on the harmful half.

This dialogue can provide France neither the answers it seeks nor the end result it hoped for. What it’ll do but, is make sure the death of their smart recent “douce France”, and let the face of the New France.


Destabilize national unity

When in 1998, France won the soccer World Cup, reception with a team heavily composed of immigrants, the team was dubbed Blanc, Black, Beur (White, Black, Brown), and have become for all a logo of hope, integration, equality, freedom, Fraternity. 1998 was for French the end result of its republican ideals: Rejecting the North American nation model of the “melting pot” and British tolerance of the customs of ethnic minorities, France formally dismisses any thought of race, creed or color that would undermine national unity. So ethnos isn’t a recognized idea, wherever the on paper color-blind state doesn’t distinguish between classes of citizens.

Failing to take advantage of the elation of 1998, and returning to business as was common, France reaped the primary fruits of its policies in 2001, throughout the friendly field game between France and Algerie. As shortly because the Marseillaise (French National anthem) started, fans began to boo loudly. Whereas the action sparked outrage, most were fast to say that the booing wasn’t created by Algerian fans whose ill will toward France is traditionally based mostly, however by French-born second and third-generation immigrants with French status.

National Concern

During the 2002 presidential election, Jean-Marie Lepen managed to create it to spherical a pair of, raising national concern over growing racism, and racism in France. That election didn’t solely reveal the complacence of the govt. toward social problems, however the hidden face of the French society.

In 2005, already pissed off by their condition of life, and their constant harassment at the hand of the police, the youth within the banlieues (ghetto, project) went on a disorder spree that created International Headlines, lasted for four weeks, inflicting roughly 200 Euros of damages.

The French governing elite should be terribly careful with this sort of identity dialogue as a result of its terribly dangerous. We have a tendency to all apprehend what the policy of “Ivoirite” junction rectifier to in Ivory Coast maybe. That’s an equivalent quite mentality that – once pushed to the intense – junction rectifier to socialism and different political orientation in Europe.

We have no selection however to measure along therefore it’d higher for everyone to require, learn and share cultures with the “other” and obviously French Humanities and Social Studies.

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